KentuckyOne Health-St. Joseph


LOAL visits KentuckyOne Health-Saint Joseph’s Medical Center Main Campus and East Campus.

We started visiting Saint Joseph’s Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology clinic. This is great place to visit.  Our first member to start visiting there was Deb Ratcliffe and Dollar.  Teams schedule visits on an individual basis, and can visit all floors and waiting room areas except for ICU, Recovery and Post-Op areas.  If you are interested in visiting St. Joe’s, you will need to follow the volunteer application guidelines.  No teams in training-fully certified teams only.


By appointment only through the V.I.C. system.


LOAL Contact Person
Becky Stapleton
cell 859-229-1208

Special Requirements

Before a Visit, each team must:

  • Have their National LOAL ID
  • You and Your Dog’s Shot Records
  • Proof of a MMR shot
  • 2 TB Tests
  • Complete an Online Application
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Interview

After filling out the online application, you will receive an email giving you the next step of instructions.