Where We Visit

Baptist Health Lexington
St Joseph Hospital
Clare Bridge
Lexington Country Place
Mayfair Manor
Paws to Read Woodford County library
Paws to Read Lexington Public library
The Willows
VA hospitals

Before A Visit

  • Before making a visit with LOAL, you and your pet must go through an evaluation
  • For more info, contact Renee Waterhouse (touchofpaintfarm@yahoo.com) or visit our “Join LOAL” webpage.


  • A tired dog is a well behaved dog.
  • Don’t forget to exercise your dog fully before a visit.


Before the Visit

  • Make sure your dog is clean and groomed
  • Exercise your dog
  • Always email the contact person to let them know you are coming

Bring with You to your Visit

  • A copy of your dogs shot record to every location
  • Treats for your dog
  • A four foot leash
  • Poop bags, just in case
  • Bring your hour log if you are working on your 10 hours

The Visit

  • Meet and Greet is very important, try to do this at least 15 minutes prior to visit
  • Always ask before you meet and greet to make sure the other dog wants to meet and greet
  • Once inside if there is a visitor sign in book be sure to sign in
  • The dogs are not allow to meet and greet with other dogs once inside
  • Try to keep a invisible 1 to 3 foot circle around you and your dog
  • Always know where your dogs head is
  • Do not allow your dog to wander or go off leash
  • If there is an incident of a scratch or bite it must be reported immediately to the head nurse and to the Board members
  • It is your responsibility to protect your dog, always be aware of what is going around.
  • If your dog seems tired, bored, stressed (signs are yawning, shedding, licking lips) it’s time to end the visit and that’s ok.