Information about joining Central Kentucky Love on a Leash

If you are interested in joining the CKYLOAL team, please contact Renee Waterhouse:

There are four steps to becoming a registered Central Kentucky LOAL member:

  1. Attend the Orientation Meeting
  2. Pass the Control Evaluation
  3. Perform 10 Supervised Visits within 1 year of the Control Evaluation
  4. Complete application for National LOAL certification

Orientation Meeting
You must attend an orientation meeting before you go for an evaluation. Spaces are limited. At the end of the orientation you can sign up for the available testing dates. There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee that you will pay at testing time.  Please write check out to Central Kentucky LOAL (CKyLOAL)



Items to bring:

  • Vaccination records.
  • 4 ft leash.
  • Collar or harness that properly fits your dog.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Proof of AKC Canine Good Citizen title or certification.

The evaluation will test basic obedience skills as well as your dog’s reaction to typical therapy dogs situations such as:

  • A person approaching the dog in a wheelchair.
  • A person using a walker.
  • A person in a hat and coat.
  • A person opening an umbrella.
  • Loud noise without warning.
  • A stranger handling your dog.

Supervised Visits
Following the evaluation the trainer/evaluator and an LOAL volunteer will meet with you one on one to deliver your results.  Those who passed will be given access to an LOAL mentor and be eligible to start their 10 supervised visits.  The supervised visits must be completed within one year of the Control Evaluation.  

National LOAL Application
After completing the required 10 supervised visits within one year of the Control Application, you are now ready to complete the National LOAL application process.  You will be required to submit the necessary paperwork, fees, and information as seen here:  You will receive your membership ID cards in the mail following acceptance into the program.  Members are required to renew their membership yearly in January.